“I really appreciate you guys taking time out of your day to share your insight on how it feels to be a civil engineer, sharing your experiences and projects you have worked on.”
“It's answered lots of my questions and made me want to pursue a job in the industry. I'm more aware of how they are involved in pretty much everything in the world.”
“I liked the research projects, I found them very interesting and engaging. They helped me visualise how what I was reading about was applied in real life.”
The Institution of Civil Engineers
Industry body
Work Experience
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The Institution’s impartial advice on how to build more sustainable, resilient infrastructure is trusted by politicians and decision makers. The organisation provides a professional qualification for engineers and also shares learnings and experience through research, events, professional development, and mentoring. Furthermore, ICE works to develop the next generation within the industry, offering support and guidance to students and apprentices as they embark on their engineering career.

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The problem

Our partners at ICE were keen to inspire young people and raise awareness of both civil engineering and ICE itself. There was to be a focus on the diverse roles civil engineering places in society and shaping the future, as well as its vital contribution to a more sustainable environment. 

There was also a desire to demonstrate how a civil engineering career could proceed in a number of different directions and learn how students are influenced in their future career and educational choices. Finally they were keen to attract a diverse cohort and equip all with useful  employability skills, relevant whatever their future choices. 

Inspire young people and increase their confidence.
Raise awareness of civil engineering and the role of ICE.
Reach a diverse audience.
A couple of civil engineering doing a site survey whilst sitting atop a solar panel.
Our solution

With a mixture of quizzes, engaging activities and webinars from industry experts, students were informed and entertained throughout and there was even the possibility of a “money-can’t-buy experience” in civil engineering for the top-performing participants.

The programme began with an overview of civil engineering and the ICE itself. Insights here ranged from identifying different areas and roles available through to addressing what it takes to become a chartered civil engineer. There was also a brief look at ICE’s impressive history. Bringing things right up to date, the next module examined  how civil engineers are driving a “cleaner and greener” future.

Three modules then looked at the impact of civil engineering on our everyday lives. Students saw how civil engineering is saving lives and improving life by using innovative techniques to build smart cities, state-of-the-art medical facilities and structures such as innovative sea defences that protect us from the effects of climate change. 

Next, they examined how civil engineering keeps us moving and connected with seamless transport networks and a chance to glimpse the future of transport links. They then moved on to consider some of the more fun, but no less important engineering aspects of creating sporting and entertainment facilities. 

The programme ended with some help to get participants career ready, including a look at essential skills for civil engineering and how to improve their CVs and cover letters. 

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% free school meals
% minority ethnic students
% female students

The programme attracted 220 enrolments, with students giving it an overall rating of 8.4/10. An impressive 99% of participants said they had good or excellent awareness of careers in the industry after completing the programme, with only 45% saying this before starting. Of these, 79% said they were likely or very likely to seek work in the sector, and 85% were somewhat or very confident about finding a job in the future.

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