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Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company with over 2,000 brands. With a presence in over 189 countries, Nestlé is committed to contributing to a healthier future.

The problem
Lack of awareness around the different industry career paths

As a food and beverage company, Nestlé’s early-career and apprenticeship roles mainly revolve around engineering and manufacturing functions. However, they also offer a variety of other apprenticeship opportunities including Chartered Management degree apprenticeships, which many are unaware of.

Low percentage of female applications in STEM

According to the 2019 workforce statistics, women make up less than 25% of the core-STEM workforce, with only about 10% in engineering roles. Without relatable role models, there continues to be a shortfall of female applicants, especially in the early careers space.

Nestlé’s employer brand engagement wasn’t at the desired level at remote locations

Although Nestlé continues to successfully recruit for the main factory locations, they have historically struggled when hiring apprentices at their Wisbech and Tutbury locations.

Develop emplyability skills relating to Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Increase awareness of the roles in the FMCG
Increase awareness of careers at Nestlé
Our solution

Finding an innovative way to showcase their different roles was one of Nestlé’s top priorities. Springpod suggested a unique solution - an interactive episode on their new apprentice chat show, Classroom to Boardroom, which would present  Nestlé’s lesser-known roles to a key audience and reinforce their brand image.

A fun, engaging Classroom to Boardroom episode, featuring the relatable role models doing their dream roles with Nestlé

Highlighting careers built at Nestlé

As early-career experts, Springpod identified that the key to engaging school-leavers and students is by showcasing relatable career stories by young professionals who have been through the journey themselves. The Nestlé campaign for Classroom to Boardroom was built around the stories of their apprentices - Jess and Callum - who through their engaging conversation with the host, shared their Nestlé career stories.

Seamless content management

All aspects of the episode - including scripts, content, guest management, production and post-production were managed by Springpod’s in-house Studio team. The content of the episode also included a Nestlé-focussed quiz, which proved to be a fun and engaging way for the audience to find out some of the lesser-known aspects of the brand.

Focussed call-to-action and further marketing engagement

Nestlé also took advantage of Springpod’s network of 2800+ schools across the UK by creating a dedicated company profile on the platform and enabling a ‘Join the Talent Pool’ feature. This helped them reach a larger audience through on-demand replays of their episode, as well as facilitated secure interactions between their ambassadors and students on the platform. The Springpod marketing team subsequently ran highly-targeted campaigns to increase Nestlé brand awareness amongst hard-to-recruit cohorts.

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age range
% free school meals
% minority ethnic students
% female students

How likely are you to recommend this programme to someone?

8.6 / 10

How much did you enjoy this Virtual Work Experience programme?


How would you rate your current awareness of careers at Nestlé?

Good or Excellent increased from 36% - 100%

How confident do you feel about finding a job in the future?

'Confident' increased fro 56% to 92%

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