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We’ve found many employers struggle to find the time or resource to offer high-quality work experience.

of students leave school with no work experience

Young people are often unaware of potential career paths. Without relevant work experience they struggle to differentiate their applications and CVs.

of UK businesses say their growth is limited by skills shortages

Young people don’t have enough context or understanding of the roles they apply for and far too many struggle in their new roles and eventually quit.

1 in 2
young people drop out of their apprenticeship

Springpod exists to change that.

THE solution

Attract emerging talent

Springpod will put your brand in front of the next workplace generation and build a diverse talent pipeline across your functions. Give students a 360 view of your business and generate high-quality applicants committed to your organisation.

Trusted by remarkable brands


The area that Springpod were really able to help us with was their reach to the student population.

Carl Ennis
CEO, Siemens UK


Springpod allowed me to get a taste of the sector, the finance work experience covered many different topics such as accounting and investments. This gave me a great overview of the industry and the different career paths available to me.

Natasha Manuel
Controls and monitoring apprentice


Springpod were excellent in advising, guiding and encouraging us to think differently about our WEX programme, and helped us come up with ideas and content for our new online programme, that we are proud to promote.

Ali Webster
West London NHS Trust

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Revolutionise your student recruitment strategy in a virtual environment

Virtual is the new normal

Traditional student recruitment strategies were paused due to the burden of the pandemic, leading virtual strategies to become the new normal. Embrace a digital-first strategy that makes a real impact on the way you attract talent.

Cut through the noise

In a world of swipes, TikTok videos and other forms of social media, the competition is as tough as it’s ever been. Buying job & banner ads alone will not help you hit your numbers. It's time to stand out and grab the attention of your target cohort.

Measure ROI effectively

Measuring your ROI is made more difficult with students uncertain about their future. Proactively engaging with a younger cohort of students holds the key to building that talent pool and help you solve the challenge of measuring ROI.

Drive meaningful change

A diverse workforce brings diverse perspectives and benefits to your company. It’s never been more critical to ensure that you are driving the right actions to reach a wider audience that impacts positive change across your student recruitment.

Why partner with Springpod?

We’ll be an extension to your team, without the headaches of interviewing and training.

We promote your brand to our audience

By partnering with us, you gain access to our network consisting of [number] of young people aged between 16-18, located all around the United Kingdom and from various backgrounds.

We create the content for you

Our eclectic, in-house team of passionate content writers, video producers and e-learning designers are experts in devising engaging, interactive, and meaningful courses for young adults.

We host & support the participants

Every Programme, whether a campaign, virtual event or degree taster, is hosted on our custom-built platform, which can scale to manage a significant number of users, and provides highly skilled support specialists to answer student questions and queries.

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