Changing how prospective students choose a university course

Subject Spotlights are an interactive, cinematic course taster experience, which enables institutions to harness the power of their academics to attract, engage and inform prospective students about their course-offerings.


Get your university brand in-front of prospective students earlier

Our community of over 360,000 secondary school and sixth form students have joined Springpod to explore the world of work and university.

We see, on average, 25K new users every month and we are the destination in the UK for young people to sample a university course before they apply.

Amplify subject-level recruitment by generating qualified leads for your university

Amplify subject-level recruitment by generating qualified leads for your university.

Subject Spotlights are the perfect tool in generating qualified leads to support your student recruitment goals. When students engage with your spotlight, we can trigger forms to ask them if they would be interested in studying at your university.

This data is made securely accessible for your team, or we can integrate directly with your CRM*.

*Bespoke integration charge

Find an engaging academic and we’ll handle the rest

We take care of everything, from liaising with your academics and faculty marketers through to producing, editing and promoting your spotlight.

All you have to do is select a course and enlist a suitable academic.


So, what is the process when creating a Subject Spotlight?


Define your Subject Spotlight strategy

Work with our team to select a subject which will best position your university. If you have high-priority subject areas we can guide you in which course to select to ensure it hits your student recruitment goals.


Find an amazing academic

Once you have selected your course of choice, it’s now time to find an engaging academic to deliver the Subject Spotlight content. We take care of all the content planning and guide the academics through the process when creating a Subject Spotlight.


Lights, camera, action

On the day of filming in our studios (either Liverpool or London*) your academic will be greeted by our Production Assistant and Content Producer who will work with the academic to ensure they are fully prepared to film the Spotlight. Our crew will offer guidance throughout the filming day and will be directing the content to ensure we get the best outcome. We do offer on-campus filming at a premium cost.

*London Studio Coming Soon


Sit back, relax and wait for the final cut

After we have finished filming your Spotlight, our post-production team will get to work editing the episodic content and crafting your trailer.

We add stock footage, motion graphics and SFX to ensure every Spotlight is engaging for prospective students. Why all the effort? We believe the finer details and high-production value enable students to learn better and engage more with our content.


Promote, share and see your metrics rise!

Shortly before your Spotlight goes live, your Uni Showcase Profile and Subject Spotlight will be added to our university experience with a ‘Coming Soon’ status. Once the Spotlight is approved, we will promote it to our students, parents, teachers and the wider world. We provide detailed reporting to help you measure the success of your Spotlight.

Premium Feature Alert!

Branded player by Springpod

Interested to see how you can use your Subject Spotlight as a lead magnet on your own website? Our branded player is the perfect opportunity to introduce an engaging call-to-action, such as ‘Try before you apply. Chat with our team to see how the branded player works.

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