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Jo Bishop

Head of Schools and Colleges Outreach

Jo Bishop is a careers professional with over 20 years of experience working in schools, colleges and universities. In previous roles, she has embedded innovative and successful careers education programmes using university and employer partnerships to raise aspirations, inform choices and widen access to both apprenticeships and higher education. She believes passionately that all young people should have access to impactful, engaging experiences to explore their career ideas and gain experience in their chosen field.

our platform

The experience platform


Your students can research pathways, careers, employers and universities.


Students can use our experiences of work and university to make informed decisions about their next steps and gain impressive experience that they can add to their future applications.


Students secure their next steps after school or college by applying for opportunities through Springpod.

Gatsby Benchmarks and the CDI Framework

Springpod experiences can be integrated into career programmes so that students can explore and broaden their career ideas, develop industry-relevant skills and gain real experience of work-related tasks to evidence in their applications to apprenticeships, jobs or university.

We have mapped our experiences to the CDI's (Career Development Institute) Career Development Framework. All Springpod experiences focus on identifying and developing the skills needed to navigate through what can feel like a maze of opportunities. Our experiences can help young people stand out from the crowd and as well as offering them a real confidence boost in an application process, whatever pathway they choose.

We make sure our experiences enable schools to evidence progress towards achieving Gatsby Benchmarks.

Helping you meet the Gatsby benchmarks

A stable careers programme

Springpod can be used with students in any year group. As they move from exploring careers to applying for opportunities, they will be able to unlock new opportunities.

Learning from career and labour market information

We're integrated with the National Careers Service and have the latest LMI information across the platform.

Addressing the needs of each pupil

Students can choose from numerous programmes so that they can experience their industry or degree of choice.

Our programmes are flexible and self-led meaning students can work at their own pace with support from teachers if needed.

Content is carefully planned taking into account different learning styles.

Linking curriculum learning to careers

Our work experience programmes connect what students learn in the classroom with the real world skills they’ll need for work.

Our university subject spotlights allow students to think about what career options might be available from a wide range of subjects.

Encounters with employers and employees

Your students can take part in work experience programmes where they'll be able to ask questions to industry professionals and interact with the employers within their chosen industry.

Experiences of workplaces

Our work experience programmes showcase the day-to-day life across various careers, enabling students to explore workplaces and complete real workplace-related activities.

Each experience varies but they can involve feedback and opportunities to interact with employers in a safeguarded environment.

Encounters with further and higher education

Our university subject spotlights help students experience a taste of what university life could be like.

They can explore subjects in depth, develop their academic skills and super-curricular knowledge to inform their subject choices and strengthen their applications.

Personal guidance

We provide careers staff with the information they need about how students use Springpod. This enables them to provide tailored, personalised guidance.

springpod stories

We're transforming young people's futures. Hear from our Springpod Alumni who have used their experience to inform decisions about their next steps.

Not forgetting Ignite

The careers programme that ignites student ambition

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Jo Bishop

Head of Schools and Colleges Outreach

frequently asked questions
As you can imagine, student safety is a top priority for us and safeguarding is part of any product development. For our experience programmes specifically, we have several safeguarding features in place, including:
We have limited and explicit data collection. Parental consent is required for students under 16 years old to take part in our programmes. Our staff are DBS-checked and will be responsible for the in-programme communication with your students. There is an anonymised help-desk, monitored by Springpod team. Live webinars are one-way only for video and audio. All live-webinars are moderated by a member of the Springpod team. You will find all of our Springpod policies and documents here
You are able to request access to your student engagement report  by completing this form.
We will verify that you're a member of staff at the selected education institution and help you to put in place a data sharing agreement with Springpod. You will then be able to see which of your students have participated in our virtual work experience programmes.  We will send you a link and a password to access your report.
Why are some programmes free?
We offer free virtual work experience and degree taster programmes for school and college students because employers and universities pay Springpod to promote their opportunities to young people interested in their industries, subjects or career paths.
How should I share this with my students?
Please direct your students to visit springpod.com. They’ll then be able to create their student accounts and link themselves to their school or college. You may want to use some of our resources to introduce Springpod or get in touch if you would like to arrange a presentation from the Springpod team.
Can I create accounts for my students and enrol them on to particular programmes?
No, your students have to create their own accounts and apply for the programmes they wish to complete.  We are happy to support teachers and advisers and run application workshops with students.
I have a dedicated work experience week. Can I use Springpod experiences on demand to suit my timetable?
Yes, we have a range of work experience that is available on demand. You may also wish to consider Ignite, which can offer a wider range of experiences and employability courses to suit all interests.
Do your experiences link to the CDI Career Development Framework?
We ensure all of our experiences are underpinned by the six career development skills in the CDI Framework. This means that our content is always engaging, relevant and up to date with clear learning outcomes necessary for a positive career. You can view our mapping document here.
Are your programmes suitable for students who need additional support?
The flexibility of our experiences means that your students can take their time to work their way through the content. If you need to support your students we are happy to enrol teachers on to the experiences to work alongside the students. For some students, the virtual experience can offer an alternative way to develop skills without the anxiety of attending an in-person experience and meeting new people.
Online placements can also help boost confidence in preparation for an in-person experience. Your students will develop insight into certain roles and can use this to really target their work experience search using their Springpod experiences to strengthen their application.