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We help school and college students experience their future career through free virtual work experience and degree taster programmes.

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Evette plans to be the first in her family to go to university.

She's ready to study medicine.


Young people have participated in a virtual experience programme in 2021


Our industry-leading Virtual Work Experience rating in 2021 across all programmes


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The Experience Platform


Your students can research pathways, careers, and employers.


Students can find a virtual work experience or degree taster programme in their industry or subject of choice.


Students secure their next steps after school by applying on Springpod.

Here’s what you’ll say about working with us

Springpod has justifiably emerged as a market leader in providing virtual work experience. The range of opportunities offered is impressive and keeps expanding.

Sam Burnett
Reigate College

I was really happy when I came across the platform as it suits our students' needs as we don't organise WE for them ourselves. Those who have explored Springpod have found suitable WE opportunities. I think the site is very user friendly, informative and lively and you answer the phone quickly if I ring!

Stella Platts
Careers and Progression Co-ordinator

Springpod is amazing. It's such a great free resource for our students. The fact that they can ask questions to professionals at Jaguar Land Rover and Airbus is fantastic!

Mark Woodward
Careers Leader

Helping you meet the Gatsby benchmarks


A stable careers programme

Springpod can be used with students in any year group. As they move from exploring careers to applying for opportunities, they will be able to unlock new opportunities.


Learning from career and labour market information

We're integrated with the National Careers Service and have the latest LMI information across the platform.


Addressing the needs of each pupil

Students can choose from numerous programmes so that they can experience their industry or degree of choice.


Linking curriculum learning to careers

Our virtual work experience programmes connect what students learn in the classroom with the real world skills they'll need for work.


Encounters with employers and employees

Your students can take part in virtual work experience programmes where they'll be able to ask questions to industry professionals and interact with the employers within their chosen industry.


Experiences of workplaces

Our virtual work experience programmes showcase the day-to-day life across various careers, enables students to explore workplaces and complete real workplace-related activities. *Currently, feedback is not provided on our free programmes.


Encounters with further and higher education

Our degree taster programmes help students experience a taste of what university life could be like. They can explore various degree areas, experience subject-focused lectures and be empowered to make more informed decisions about their next steps in higher education.


Personal guidance

We provide careers staff with the information they need about how students use Springpod. This enables them to provide tailored, personalised guidance.

Experience Programmes

Employer-led programmes

Employer decides eligibility

Free for students and schools.

  • Meets Gatsby benchmark 5
  • Limited employability content
  • Employers select programme dates
  • Basic reporting
  • Limited student places
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Springpod-led programmes

Year 10 - 13

Free for students and schools.

  • Meets Gatsby benchmark 5
  • Limited employability content
  • School holidays only
  • Basic reporting
  • Unlimited student places
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Schools Licence (Schools only)

Year 9, 10 and 11

Paid subsciption to include every Year 9-11 student

  • Meets Gatsby benchmark 5
  • 15 hours of dedicated employability content
  • Runs over full academic year
  • Advanced reporting
  • Unlimited student places
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Schools Licence
(Schools only)

Year 12 and 13

Paid subsciption to include every Year 12 and 13 student

  • Meets Gatsby benchmark 5 & 6
  • 15 hours of dedicated employability content
  • Runs over full academic year
  • Advanced reporting
  • Unlimited student places
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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about using Springpod, please get in touch at We’ve also outlined some areas below:
As you can imagine, student safety is a top priority for us and safeguarding is part of any product development. For our experience programmes specifically, we have several safeguarding features in place, including:

We have limited and explicit data collection. Parental consent is required for students under 16 years old to take part in our programmes. Our staff are DBS-checked and will be responsible for the in-programme communication with your students. There is an anonymised help-desk, monitored by Springpod team. Live webinars are one-way only for video and audio. All live-webinars are moderated by a member of the Springpod team.
Once you have created your free teacher account on Springpod you'll be able to request access to your student engagement report (from your teacher dashboard). We will verify that you're a member of staff at the selected education institution and help you to put in place a data sharing agreement with Springpod. You will then be able to see which of your students have participated in our virtual work experience programmes.
Why are some programmes free?
We offer free virtual work experience and degree taster programmes for school and college students because employers and universities pay Springpod to promote their opportunities to young people interested in their industries, subjects or career paths.
How should I share this with my students?
Please direct your students to visit They'll then be able to create their student accounts and link themselves to their school or college.