"I've learned so many things, like how there are many laws and rules that are constantly being regulated. This has been insightful as I would like to take a career path in the sector and this course has given me a guide.”
“It was an amazing experience with engaging tasks and webinars from professionals in the industry. The experience allowed me to gain a better understanding of the aviation and aerospace sector.”
“To be able to access such a great resource completely for free is a godsend.”
Civil Aviation Authority
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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the UK’s aviation regulator, it works to ensure the industry meets the highest safety standards and manages security risks effectively. It regulates all UK airlines and airports to ensure they comply with UK, European and global safety standards. It challenges the industry to take greater action to reduce its environmental impact, and monitors noise levels around three UK airports.

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The problem

The sky above us has a natural fascination and the Civil Aviation Authority wanted to turn students’ curiosity into a programme that would demonstrate the wide range of roles and opportunities available for future high flyers.

The CAA’s role ensuring the safety of UK airspace, airline and airports was to be a focus, but so too innovative work to reduce the environmental impact of the industry. 

The programme had to be relevant to those interested in all aspects of the CAA’s work and appeal to a truly representative cross-section of young people, while helping them to develop vital employability skills.

Demonstrate the scope of the CAA’s role in ensuring the safety of UK airspace and those travelling on UK airlines and via UK airports
Showcase the CAA’s importance in lobbying for more sustainable air travel and reduced environmental impact
Provide opportunities to students of all backgrounds, bolster general workplace skills and enhance their employability prospects
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Our solution

We knew the Civil Aviation Authority would be a name that would interest many students, our task was to create a programme that provided a fuller insight into the organisation’s many roles.

Such is the scope of the CAA’s remit the programme was broken into more modules than is typically the case, with eight modules focussed directly on the CAA before a final unit looked at routes into the industry as well as important skills for job hunting.

Take off was via an initial module that gave a helicopter view of the CAA, focussing on the importance of the organisation, the roles within it,  and giving an overview of regulation. As with all modules, students were kept engaged with interactive tasks and quizzes as well as videos available live and on-demand

The second module made it personal - how does the CAA impact your life? Participants learnt how they are kept safe, and protected as consumers.

Further modules looked in depth at specific elements of the CAA, from HR and communications to corporate strategy and its influence on the global stage, before moving into the future with developments in sustainability and aerospace regulation.

The future of the students themselves was the focus of the final module, with inspiring talks showing there are many routes into the organisation, and tips on how to make any application stand out.

no. of students
age range
15 to 18
United Kingdom
% free school meals
% minority ethnic students
% female students

This hugely popular programme received 1,330 enrolments, with close to 5,000 hours of learning achieved across the cohort. The content was universally popular, rated 8.3/10 for enjoyment and 8.4/10 for whether students would recommend it to their peers.

On completion, 52% said they had excellent awareness of industry careers, up from just 5% before starting the programme. This awareness led to an 8% increase in those ‘very likely’ to seek work in the sector. 

Before undertaking the programme 31% of students said they were nervous or anxious about finding a job, by the end this was only 12%. Furthermore 37% were now very confident about their prospects - more than double the pre-programme level.

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