“The opportunity to attend live webinars and have my questions about working at the Met Office answered. Also the ability to connect to Met Office employees through the Ambassador Programme.”
“All of the information I learned about a topic that I had no real knowledge in was super enjoyable and I also really liked working on the various different activities because they were actually enjoyable to complete.
“The flexibility of the programme allowed me to complete it within my own time.”
Met Office
Work Experience
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People make all sorts of decisions based on the weather, and the Met Office helps them, from ordinary people going on holiday to military operations and even space programmes. The Met Office’s climate forecasts are based on world-leading science, enhanced by close working relationships with global partner organisations. The organisation’s expertise is trusted around the world and it uses vast amounts of data and cutting-edge technology to benefit our planet, and everyone on it.

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The problem

The Met Office team was clear that it wanted to attract a diverse cohort of students and boost applications for both in-person work experience and early careers opportunities.

Students were to leave the programme with an understanding of the work of the Met Office and also the organisation’s strategy and goals. Those completing the programme would have a good idea of the range of roles available and also within the wider industry, as well as the skills they would need. Finally the team was keen to inspire young people, give them confidence and instil some useful employability skills.

Inspire young people and increase their confidence.
Improve industry awareness and Met Office brand awareness.
Reach a diverse audience and drive applications while improving applicant quality.
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Our solution

With a wealth of information provided by the Met Office, we were able to create a detailed, interactive and engaging programme, with hands-on activities and quizzes to make it enjoyable as well. As you would expect, we began with an introduction to the Met Office, covering its history, strategy and values, as well as its approach to sustainability, equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Moving into the more detailed work of the organisation, the next module tackled science, engineering and forecasting. This included an activity where students could generate their own weather forecast. Students were then introduced to the Met Office’s latest developments in technology, cyber security and data science, with some tips on pursuing a career in this area.

Turning to the corporate services and customer and stakeholder management functions at the Met Office, students were given a run-down of typical roles and responsibilities and an insight into the day in the life of an industry professional. They were also given the chance to work on their own communication skills.

The final two modules looked to enhance employability with the first examining the numerous entry routes into a career at the Met Office as well as the career development opportunities once in a role. Finally, students were given some broader advice on teamwork, problem-solving and leadership, as well as some vital tips on how to improve their CV.

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% free school meals
% minority ethnic students
% female students

The 1,274 students who enrolled in the programme gave it an average rating of 7.9/10.  On completing the programme, 57% said they had good awareness of careers in the industry, whereas 26% said this before. Not a single student felt they had excellent awareness before undertaking the course, whereas an impressive 39% did by the end. Before the programme, only 35% felt themselves likely or very likely to consider a career in the industry, this rose to 67% on completion.  Perhaps most impressively 87% felt at least somewhat confident of finding a job in the future, up from 55% before the programme.

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