“This programme has really been an amazing experience, I enjoyed every section of it. From the activities to the live seminars and the detailed information on logistics, All of it really helped me gain knowledge and experience for a career in logistics. Thank you!” - Fozia
Thanks to Springpod and the team involved in making this programme a success. Brilliant layout and easy to navigate."
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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) has more than 33,000 members worldwide, including those working in the movement of goods, services, and people. It provides specialist industry support, learning, thought leadership and networking and places an emphasis on innovation and the sharing of knowledge and best practice. They also work with employers to highlight careers in the sector.

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The problem

CILT wanted to create a programme that explained the supply chain underpinning businesses, and expand knowledge of a logistics industry that employs more than seven million people in the UK alone. CILT would deliver content featuring several of their member companies to give a broad view of industry roles, with specific examples adding greater detail.

They were keen to avoid stereotypical images of high-vis jackets, or a focus on roles loading or driving vehicles. This was to be a programme that made logistics sexy, with exciting technology to the fore and a focus placed on humanitarian logistics and sustainability.

Make logistics sound sexy.
Focus on what we can change and how we can be different.
Highlight roles students may be unaware of, for instance planning and scheduling.
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Our solution

Our Employer Tribe set to work creating a programme that centred around the concept of “delivering promises”, explaining the world of logistics, while focusing on some specific roles within individual companies.

Each module looked at part of the process of getting something from A to B, this starting with planning - an area key to any successful logistics operation, and one CILT wished to promote to those considering working in the industry.

The programme then moved students through sourcing materials and creating logistics products, areas that are being transformed by new and emerging technology and have strong elements of sustainability.

Students then reached the key elements which addressed how to actually transport goods, services and people, and some of the challenges involved. In the section on delivery, the part of logistics that touches most people directly, humanitarian issues were covered, especially how some companies go above and beyond in times of need. 

Finally returns management was covered before a more general module on key employability skills combined with an insight into major employers in the sector.

Each section contained interactive activities and quizzes to help embed what had been learned.

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Students rated the programme 8/10, both for how much they personally enjoyed it, and whether they would recommend it to friends.

On completing the programme 98.8% of students rated their awareness of careers in the industry as  “very good” or “excellent”, with 91.6% confident of finding a job in the future, up from 62% pre programme.

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