When Springpod came on board I was initially still sceptical, but I could not have been more surprised. The 2 week programme that was presented was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Live webinars with Airbus employees were organised and presented expertly, the layout of the programme allowed students to work at their own pace, the Springpod team used existing Airbus online activities to help participants understand Airbus and give them a feel for our company.

What amazed me too was the numbers involved, I gave a live webinar to over 1000 students! We were able to invite people from all over the UK and we could invite people from different backgrounds that would not normally be able to visit our plants. It also allowed us to give the students an insight into all of our UK sites and not just one. We now have a great template for Virtual Work Experience and I look forward to the next programme."

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Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry, designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers world-wide.

The problem

Despite being known as an international pioneer in the aerospace sector, Airbus, having plants in North West and the South West of the UK, could only offer 150 work experience places to those who had the ability to travel to them. After the impact of COVID-19, Airbus knew they had to scale their work experience and offer more opportunities to those less advantaged.

Pre-COVID-19, Airbus ran 5 in-person work experience programmes every year, attracting 100 - 200 applicants per programme and accepted 30 onto each.

Increase knowledge of sustainability in the Aerospace sector
Develop aerospace employability skills
Introduce less advantaged students to aerospace roles
Our solution

Springpod worked with Airbus to create a bespoke and interactive, two-week Virtual Work Experience programme that required students to complete assignments. Work was reviewed and upon approval, students would receive a digital certification which could be included on their CV and/or LinkedIn profile.

The programme was co-branded with the aim to provide a safe and user-friendly experience for students in year 10, all the way up to university, by building a programme that included optional modules filled with activities, pre-recorded videos, quizzes and live webinars, all in just four weeks.

Hear what Leighton Johnson, Early Career Manager at Airbus, had to say about working together...

Airbus Broughton traditionally runs 5 different Work Experience programmes throughout the year, each lasting one week and we invite 30 students onsite to participate. People attending Broughton would usually be local and would not get to see other Airbus UK sites. Our WEX programmes came to an end due to the Government restrictions put in place to fight the pandemic. When I first heard that some companies were running Virtual Work Experience programmes, I was not convinced and did not see how this would work and I thought that not being able to visit our manufacturing plants would not give the students a very worthwhile experience.

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