How Siemens used Springpod to build their virtual work experience.


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Siemens is a technology company centred on the industries that form the backbone of economies – manufacturing, infrastructure, and transport. With over 16,500 employees across the UK, Siemens technology empowers customers to transform their industries - to create more agile and productive factories, more intelligent and efficient buildings and grids, and more sustainable transit. Siemens have been responsible for some of the most important innovations and developments over the last 173 years.


An Opportunity to Continue During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic

After the announcement of lockdown and the restrictions in place due to the pandemic, Siemens were looking for a solution to their need to provide work experience in a safe environment - one that didn’t mean students were required to come onsite to complete. 

Siemens wanted to include different areas within the business, to showcase the variety of jobs available within the company, this included a dedicated module to engineering, technology and other business services the company offers.

“As face-to-face work experience had been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were no longer able to facilitate requests for work experience from students. We had developed a Siemens Insight Programme, but it doesn’t meet Gatsby Benchmarks 5 & 6 and we could not provide live interaction due to the larger volume of bespoke requests from schools.”

Engaging with students

Looking to engage with students for work experience, Siemens reached out to Springpod for help in reaching Gatsby Benchmarks 5 & 6 in a virtual environment - bypassing the blockers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. After a two-week programme, Siemens had a diverse student cohort including 49.6% BAME and a gender split of 37.6% female, 1.4% non-binary and 61% male, who they could continue to engage with post-virtual experience and an evaluation report they could use to shape their future recruitment.


Hitting the Gastby Benchmarks

Siemens consulted Springpod for a more rigorous programme, that was able to meet Gatsby Benchmarks 5 & 6, engaged with the Siemens employees throughout the process and put safeguarding of the staff and employees at the centre of their programme. 

Meeting Siemens high standards

The fully moderated programme and facilitated webinars meant Siemens had a virtual work experience programme that was of a high standard - Springpod were there to manage the whole application process. 

“The team managed to encapsulate the brand of Siemens brilliantly, with relatively little guidance. The staff were really engaging and professional to work with.”

How did Springpod help?

Seamless Interaction

Siemens were looking for a seamless interaction between their employees and Springpod, one that assisted with accreditation of the students work and boosted engagement with under-represented groups that may not have been possible with other solutions.

“The ability to engage with larger cohorts of students and the recruitment and on-boarding of students made Springpod stand out to us. It’s a fully moderated, high quality programme with resources and excellent value for money. We were particularly delighted with the gender, race and ethnicity inclusion of the student cohort.”


The fully moderated programme means that employers never have to worry about safeguarding young people. The live webinars are run without the use of student webcams or names, and only the presenter can see who has attended - meaning students and employees data is protected.

Springpod also assists with the marking of uploaded work from students, making administrative duties of the virtual work experience a breeze.

Building awareness

Interest in the Siemens virtual experience reached over 1000 applications, with over 700 completions across those who enrolled. On average, students who participated rated the course 8.6 out of 10 and were likely to recommend it to a friend.

One success from the experience was the awareness of careers within the industry that students gained. From start to finish, awareness had increased by 47.8% with an increase of 13.4% for those who said they were likely to consider a career within the industry.

“This programme has been an absolute pleasure to participate in. I have learnt a great deal about the company that is Siemens and everything that it has to offer. You've done an absolutely fantastic job in showing possible career pathways I could take through Siemens and I'm highly interested in working with you someday in the future!”
“The evaluation report was of high standard and useful, combined with the evaluations from the students reflected the high quality of the programme.”

Helping you to achieve your goals

Springpod’s virtual work experience programmes can be completely tailored to your business, just like Siemens did with their own. Whether you are looking to reach further locations, widen your talent pool or gather interest for hard to recruit roles - we can help.