Coast to Capital

Driving young talent through sustainability within the construction industry


Coast to Capital is a local enterprise partnership (LEP) that forms part of a network of functional economic hubs around Gatwick airport. The regions included are Greater Brighton, West Sussex and East Surrey. In addition to this, the LEP has a strategic alliance with five neighbouring LEPs - Enterprise M3, Hertfordshire, South East, Solent and Thames Valley Berkshire. Coast to Capital plays a crucial role in supporting economic recovery and growth, focusing on opportunities that will build a diverse, resilient economy with sustainable growth, attract investment, and generate more jobs.


Showcasing the future of the construction industry through sustainability

Sustainability is an important initiative driving the future workforce, not only for the government but for young people too. The government’s ambitious target to create 2 million jobs in the green economy by 2030 is an exciting opportunity for young people to develop skills that will help accelerate the UK towards net-zero. 

Employers are coming up with innovative solutions to help drive sustainability within their organisations and Gen Z are amongst those people increasingly conscious about their impact on the environment - personal and professionally. 

A recent study by Bupa reported that 63% of Gen Z feel the burden of climate change versus only 37% of Gen X and 28% of Boomers. At Springpod, we’ve worked with several employer partners to create virtual work experience programmes that feature content relating to the sustainability of their business and greener careers available within their organisation.

Springpod recently worked with Coast to Capital to create a ‘Building Greener Foundations’ virtual work experience programme to promote the construction industry in a way that was attractive and engaging to young people.

The LEP were keen to drive young, local talent towards construction, as  they could inform students about the sector in general and its links to sustainability.

“We wanted to promote the construction industry as this is one of our priorities, but we wanted to make it attractive to young people, so we linked it to sustainability. Born in the digital age, these generations are seen to be more health-conscious, socially aware, and environmentally responsible. This narrative is consistently reiterated by the media and frequently highlights the willingness of these younger generations to stand up for what they care about.”

Izzy Pompova, Enterprise Coordinator, Coast 2 Capital


Creating a work experience programme that was flexible to students

Flexibility for students was paramount in creating a successful programme. The demand for a scalable programme that could be participated in without the scheduling restrictions meant that creating a virtual programme with Springpod was ideal.

“Schools could not offer enough time to allow for work experience. Many pupils missed out on a lot of learning during the pandemic, and therefore teaching is the main priority for schools. Secondly, it was also difficult to find such dates for work experience which would be suitable for most schools. We chose to work with Springpod because we wanted to offer a virtual and live programme (which we were able to co-design) that could also be watched on-demand.”

Izzy Pompova, Enterprise Coordinator, Coast 2 Capital

As well as an on-demand programme, Coast to Capital wanted to target a specific demographic that would allow students of all backgrounds to have access to equal opportunities. To achieve this, their attraction strategy was to target underrepresented groups within the industry: girls and BAME young people, and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

How did Springpod help?

The programme allowed the LEP to showcase the importance of developing green talent. It opens the door for conversations with young people and businesses to share their ideas and strategies on sustainability both now and in the future - understanding what skills it takes to help reach net-zero. 

“The future workforce will see that sustainability and construction must go hand-in-hand and that it is not just about building but building sustainably and responsibly.  We wanted the future workforce to understand that sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for them as well as future generations.” - Izzy Pompova, Enterprise Coordinator, Coast 2 Capital
The participants rated the programme 8.4 out of 10 for enjoyment and 8.2 out of 10 young people said they would recommend the experience to someone else.
“I really loved this course; it showed me parts of the construction industry that I had never thought existed before. It has expanded my knowledge on construction and that we can definitely change the world's climate situation starting with sustainable construction.”

Jane, Year 10

Looking to build a sustainable future workforce?

If you'd like to learn more about attracting young talent for your business or showcasing your sustainability initiatives - get in touch with us today. We’d love to work with you to help achieve our mission of inspiring one million young people within the next two years.