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Cyril Lekgetho

Solicitor Apprentice
Mayer Brown
April 2021

When did you first develop an interest in your industry?

I first developed an interest in the legal profession in year 10, by which point I was already – academically – primarily attracted to literary subjects. This made a career in the legal industry an enticing prospect, when considering how well Law lends itself to languages, critical thought and analysis.

What attracted you to Springpod, how was your experience of using it and how did it affect your career direction?

Springpod was very unique as it provided an opportunity to hear from seasoned legal professionals, and this complemented the practical tasks very well. I had a deeply insightful experience using Springpod, and the work experience I undertook with the platform equipped me with knowledge of what it could be like to practice law in both private practice and criminal law. Prior to my experience, I was unsure whether I would like to pursue the barrister route or to become a solicitor, and Springpod helped in confirming my desire to be a solicitor and gave me a sound awareness of what may be expected as a commercial solicitor.

What advice would you give someone considering an apprenticeship in your industry?

My advice to someone considering a legal apprenticeship would be to relate your personal experiences, both legal and non-legal, to the role (and firm) you are applying to, where possible, and make sure that within those experiences you emphasise the key competencies you displayed, and the lessons that you learned. I would also stress the importance of being commercially aware, and keeping up to date with current affairs, not just pertaining to the firm you are applying to or the legal industry, but the world as a whole. In an ever-changing legal climate, it is important that legal professionals remain dynamic and stay up to date with developments that will shape the context of their day-to-day work.

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