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Jack Tudbury

Founder of CyberSec Weekly
Cyber Security Degree Apprentice
April 2021

What led you to do an apprenticeship in Cyber Security?

I first developed an interest in Cyber Security due to my GCSE computer science teacher suggesting I have a look at Cyber Discovery. This lead to me undergoing multiple courses and other learning opportunities afterwards including Springpod. As well as starting a career in Cyber Security I’ve begun publishing my own weekly newsletter CyberSec Weekly which includes all the latest and greatest Cybersecurity news stories in a simple newsletter.

What attracted you to Springpod, how was your experience of using it and how did it affect your career direction?

I came across Springpod after my schools career coach sent it around in an email. I decided to do it to make sure I had a broader knowledge of the industry I was doing and those surrounding it, I still decided to continue with Cyber Security but it gave me a useful insight and a broader range of knowledge.

What advice you have for young people considering apprenticeships?

For someone considering a Cyber Security or a tech related apprenticeship, I’d first make sure that you get some prior experience which can be done by contacting local tech companies to see if you can do a work experience. This will not only help you get the apprenticeship but also understand what type of work you’re going to undertake.

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