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Esther Odujeru

Solicitor Apprentice
Stephenson Harwood
February 2021

When did you first develop an interest in law?

I developed an interest in the law from a young age when I used to watch legal shows such as Judge Judy which made me think I wanted to become a barrister. In secondary school, when considering the subjects I enjoyed and was really good at, e.g. History, I realised that law would be good for me because it involved skills such as research, essay writing and reasoning which I loved. Taking part in various work experience in secondary school and sixth form made me switch my career choice towards solicitor.

What attracted you to Springpod, how was your experience of using it and how did it affect your career direction?

What attracted me to Springpod was that it was free, virtual and it provided an opportunity to complete tasks that a lawyer would actually do at work. This meant that it was really accessible at a time when in-person work experience was hard to find due to the pandemic but also very insightful into what the job of a lawyer is actually like. It helped me solidify my choice of wanting to become a solicitor because I had experience of doing solicitor-like tasks and I enjoyed them. This gave me confidence that should I enter the profession, I would enjoy my job.

It was an experience that I included in all my applications and helped me to show employers that I had gained skills such as communication and research through this work experience.

What advice would you give someone considering apprenticeships?

Save every application question you answer to a google docs or word document and answer the question in there so you get informed of any SPAG errors you may be making.

Also, keep your answers in the document so that when you come to make another application with similar questions, you can draw inspiration from answers you have drafted before. Remember not to copy and paste, however. Tailor your answer to the firm and the specific question asked. Also remember, any experience, counts as work experience, even if it isn't law related. Just make sure you can draw skills from the experience that you would expect a lawyer to use in their day-to-day job.

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