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Aman Assi

Digital Apprentice
British Airways
Graphic Design
October 2021

When did you first develop an interest in design?

I attended a media school called the Global Academy at the age of 14 with the intention of becoming a movie director. With the guidance of the school my interest changed and I was very skilled with photoshop and illustrator and in general my skills leaned towards a digital career.

What attracted you to Springpod, how was your experience of using it and how did it affect your career direction?

The school sent me the information for springpod and suggested I complete the graphic design course. It sounded great as I could apply the course to my CV as experience as well. I enjoyed the course very much and loved the modules. They also spoke about clients and processes which graphic designers should follow and this was very beneficial to me as I was freelancing graphic design work at the time with clients.

What advice would you give someone considering a design apprenticeship?

I feel the media industry is one of the most competitive industries to work in and I personally didn't go to university as I felt It didn't suit my career choice and would waste too much time. My apprenticeship is 18 months and i have much larger networking opportunities and I had my foot in the door moment so I decided to take it. It wasn't easy securing an apprenticeship though as I applied for many.

It's a numbers game and you can't be picky. It's been an amazing opportunity so far and if I could go back I wouldn't change my decision.

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