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Cheyanne Thompson

Apprentice Surveyor
Access to property with JLL
July 2021

When did you first develop an interest in your industry?

I first developed an interest into the property field when I grew a strong passion for keeping up with changes within the housing market, accompanied with my studies of business, and economics which strongly supported this. This became a genuine interest into the chartered surveying industry when I attended and completed a 5 day virtual work experience by JLL access to property scheme with Springpod.

What attracted you to Springpod, how was your experience of using it and how did it affect your career direction?

Springpod was the only platform which allowed me to explore and get the chance to experience many industries I may want to pursue a career. from work experience , internships to apprenticeship applications. Springpod gave me an in-depth insight into the day in the life of several different careers but most importantly created a network for me to find out more about careers that inspired me. 

Without this I wouldn’t be so confident in the decisions I made as it can be daunting entering an industry with no experience or knowledge. Essentially it reflects what I now cover day to day in my apprenticeship with JLL!

What advice would you give someone considering an apprenticeship in your industry?

  • Don’t be afraid Ask questions! No question is ever bad question. It shows you are keen! 
  • Attend as many work experiences as you can 
  • Reach out and build your network - building relationships are very useful when your job evolves around clients. 
  • Try new things - make the most of your rotations, you may never know what you might be good at until you have a go

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