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A comprehensive work experience programme available over the full academic year.

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How the Schools Licence Works

The Schools Licence is composed of three elements: our Sector Insight Experience, our on-demand Employability programme and termly Skill Workshops.
Sector Insight Experience
The Sector Insight Experience will take place across the entire academic year. Students choose from 15 National Sectors ranging from Healthcare & Medicine, Publishing & Journalism to Construction & Trades. Students work with national employers, they're set assignments, receive feedback and take part in Live Q&As.
On-demand Employability Programme
Students participate in a 15 hour on-demand employability programme. You decide when to fit it into your careers programme. Students receive badges for different skills and build a digital careers portfolio.

Key learnings include: Contracts of employment, Money Management, Digital Skills, Communication, Getting a job, and other employability skills.
Regional Skill Workshops
Students work with regional employers, they join live webinars across the academic year. They will discuss the key learnings of the employability programme. Students will learn from local employers and will be able to ask them questions during a live Q&A.
Engagement Reporting
There is comprehensive reporting so that you know which students have engaged with the programme and how they got on.

An annual School Licence

Our School Licence for your Key Stage 4 or 5 students. Prices exclude VAT.
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A stable careers programme

Forms part of your programme and is accessible to students, teachers, parents and governors.


Learning from career and labour market information

The platform is updated regularly with LMI tied in with the National Apprenticeship Service. Over 800 pathways to explore, with more to come.


Addressing the needs of each pupil

Students can access and update their individual profiles whenever they need. Careers leads can also tag parts of a students profile for their own reporting.


Linking curriculum learning to careers

Sector insights will be linked to subject areas and skills. The pathways library will be available to curriculum staff who can link job opportunities or careers to subject areas.


Encounters with employers and employees

Access to multiple live webinars with employers and employees, across all sectors and skills. The sector forums also allow students to engage with employers and peers (safeguarded).


Experiences of workplaces

Students can engage with employees through live webinars. Employer set assignments will be available to students throughout the year, with written feedback and a grade provided.


Encounters with further and higher education

We work with HE and FE to provide add-on ‘access’ modules. Students can attend degree taster sessions and explore Schools and Colleges profiles. The platform is integrated with the National Apprenticeship Service, meaning students can explore over 5,000 live apprenticeship vacancies.


Personal guidance

We provide careers leaders with reports and data needed to provide the best guidance to students. We also empower students to research their own path, meaning they attend personal guidance sessions with a clearer understanding of their path.

The experience platform


Your students can research careers, employers and pathways.


Students can find a virtual work experience or degree taster programme in their industry or subject of choice.


Student secure their next step after school by applying on Springpod.


Out of 10 is our average student rating


Employer, university and school partners


Students enrolled in our experiences programmes

Students develop employability and transferable skills

Problem solving
Self Management
Willingness to learn

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