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West London Colleges
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The problem

Reduced chances of gaining the valuable employability skills and experiences students need, such as tough competition from their peers, poor accessibility, geographical location and even due to a lack of self-confidence.

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Our solution

We partnered with 6 colleges, including WLC, and Heathrow Airport to create a fully managed, week-long virtual work experience programme exclusively for their students, funded by the Department for Education. The programme is made up of videos, quizzes and activities across five industry programmes, Marketing, Business, Construction, Engineering and I.T, totalling in 25 modules.

To make the experience as immersive as possible, the programme will host live webinars from Team Heathrow, that will cover Employability, Sustainability, Industry and Transferable Skills.

The programme will help the colleges achieve Gatsby Benchmarks five and six under the new guidance for online encounters with employers. In the upcoming years, thousands more students from each college will be enrolled, making the programme a key part of their curriculum.

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