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How London South East Colleges delivered interactive Virtual Open Days for prospective students.


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London South East Colleges is an award-winning further education college with eight campuses across south east London. They offer a wide range of vocational courses and qualifications for all ages, levels and abilities, have highly qualified tutors and achieve impressive success rates that are well above the national average.‍


Deliver a seamless Virtual Open Day experience that reflected the London South East College brand

London South East Colleges has a strong track record of being one of the premier further education institutions in the country. With their fantastic campuses spread across the breadth of south east London, they often organise open days to give prospective students the opportunity to talk to their friendly staff, meet current students and take a tour of some of their amazing facilities.

But with the global health pandemic compelling all educational institutions to adapt, London South East Colleges were forced to explore alternative solutions to the traditional open days they had originally planned. It was important that the solution delivered the open days without compromising on the ethos of their brand.


Global Health Pandemic forced a change to the traditional approach‍

With local and national lockdowns across the country and social distancing in effect, organising a traditional offline open day was no longer a viable option.

Embracing the ‘new’ virtual process

With limited experience of organising virtual events to scale, the team at London South East Colleges knew they were facing a Herculean task of delivering an online open day that would be synonymous with the quality of their traditional open day events.

Lack of a robust and secure webinar platform

Despite the increased availability of webinar platforms, London South East Colleges were not confident about the quality of some of these tools in achieving the desired professional-levels of their virtual open days.

How did Springpod help?

Springpod’s Online Open Days offered the team at London South East Colleges a reliable solution that enabled them to deliver multiple interactive virtual open days, without having to worry about managing the technical aspects of implementing such a large project.

Impressed with the seamless execution of the initial event, London South East Colleges subsequently signed up to use the platform to deliver an additional open day, as well as a virtual lecture from Dame Inga Beale, with additional features, including SMS reminders for attendees.

A fully-managed and interactive virtual open day solution underpinning the London South East Colleges brand ethos
Co-branded custom microsite

In collaboration with London South East Colleges, Springpod’s in-house marketing team designed and built a co-branded microsite - (insert website address). This site contained a host of resources related to their virtual open days, including promotional materials, campus and application links, embedded virtual tours of the campuses and an interactive schedule builder for attendees.  

A complete, managed service

The team at London South East Colleges benefitted from Springpod’s managed service option which included setting up bespoke webinar rooms, training presenters on the platform, liaising with the college student support teams and having a dedicated Springpod team for both internal and external technical support.

A unified registration and attendee-tracking process

Springpod’s dedicated admin team managed the entire registration process for the online open days and the intuitive user experience of the microsite ensured that every attendee had easy access to similar talks. The team also set up periodic automatic reminders for the attendees, as well as an on-demand replay area for after the events. The team at London South East Colleges were also provided with detailed engagement and analytical reports throughout the events.

Professional hosts & back-end admin support

Each of the 32 sessions that were run as part of the online open days was supported by professional hosts who facilitated the sessions as well as a dedicated Springpod admin, to ensure a smooth and seamless webinar experience for both presenters and attendees.

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