Cygnet Health Care improves recruitment efficiency by partnering with Springpod.


Applications in 4 weeks


Reduced CPA


Shortened the average recruiter response time


Cygnet has more than 30 years’ experience in providing specialist mental health treatment, rehabilitation and support in service user-focused environments that provide evidenced, quality healthcare in national and regional care pathways. They have a dedicated care team of over 8800 employees across 140 services who are consistently making a positive difference to the lives of people everywhere.


Improve the efficiency of Cygnet’s recruitment process by reducing the time spent on applications

As a healthcare leader, Cygnet prides on helping others improve and turn their lives around. They’re passionate about supporting their employees and enable each of their staff to touch other people’s lives in a meaningful way. They believe that it takes lots of passionate people with a wide range of skills to provide this life-changing care, and are always on the lookout for the right people to join them.

However, like other organisations within this sector, they struggled with a low number of quality applicants. The overall application and recruitment process was tedious, with the average recruiter response times being around 12 hours.

Cygnet was impressed with Springpod’s early engagement ethos and felt the partnership would help them streamline their overall recruitment process.


High Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Cygnet’s existing recruitment strategy involved placing all applicants into a central list from where they were manually matched to a relevant site and recruiter. This time-intensive process caused a severe spike in their CPA as recruiters took longer to find the right candidates.

Low number and poor quality of applicants

Cygnet’s recruitment teams grappled with the constantly low number of quality applicants for their various roles. They were also keen to find more informed & engaged candidates for some of their location-specific roles.

Brand awareness wasn’t at the desired level

Despite being a well-known brand within the healthcare sector, Cygnet struggled to showcase their career roles across different sites to the right audience. This meant that applicants weren’t always aware of the different career pathways on offer at Cygnet.

How did Springpod help?

Transforming the existing time-consuming recruitment process was one of Cygnet’s top priorities. Springpod’s solution helped streamline their applicant-to-recruiter matching process by automatically pairing a suitable applicant to one of their 116 sites and one of their 18 recruiters.

Springpod shortened the average recruiter response time from 12 hours to just 4 minutes.

Seamless Cross Channel Execution

Springpod expertly crafted a multi-channel recruitment marketing strategy that was underpinned by Cygnet’s employer brand. The team managed Cygnet’s social presence across Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, ensuring the content drove brand awareness and applications from target cohorts.

End-to-end Content Management

Springpod collaborated with other Cygnet partners to create a complete content programme that refreshed the messaging for their entire applicant journey. The new approach involved:

  • Awareness: Creating awareness about healthcare careers by showcasing stories by Cygnet employees who talked about the part they played in society.
  • Consideration: Inspiring website visitors and target audience to consider careers within Cygnet through video and blog content that highlighted the critical role of healthcare workers in a pandemic world.
  • Action: Encouraging people to attend live speaker sessions by Cygnet professionals to get practical career advice about working in healthcare.
Social Media Community Management

Springpod’s social and marketing teams worked collectively to set up paid social campaigns over a period of 4 weeks. The campaigns were frequently reviewed and optimised to ensure the target cohort were being pitched the right messages at the perfect time. The team planned, created and delivered over 80 high-performing adverts across Facebook & Instagram during this period.

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